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uhm. so. i want to make a layout for this community that is relentlessXcore. yeah thats right. we are a core now. or something. ignore me.

ANYWAY. about issue number 6. celby and i actually have a list of grievences about numbero 5. the main complaint was missing actual articles. it was all fluff.
so this is what we want to get rid of that was in #5 that we did not like
-interviews did not go over very well. i did not like them. i don't think readers enjoy it as much as like... a reveiw or something.
-like i said, not very solid.
celby, you have stuff to add to this list right?

this is what we want to bring back that was missing in number 5
-jenny's feminist article. i liked the black hole thing, but i felt like we were missing something. and that something was the forcefulness of jenny's writing. 5 wasn't forceful.
-thomas' rant. wtf dude? they used to be awesome. we can't really count on thomas for rants though, so i think we need to find someone that is just as angry and that we can count on to get the job done. i miss the anger/agression. al wrote a rant about politics, which is good but more humorous (in a weird colombian way) than it is angry.

and finally.... ideas for number 6.
+featured band - this is our idea to replace interveiws. think we will do the last star fighter. we want to keep it to local bands, and people know and love tlsf.
+featured artist - someone that contributes all the time and is generally awesome. our idea is taylor. stick in some of his work and a picture of his beautiful face.
+valentines day article. i will write it.
+protest.... something.
+being awesome.

celby. add to this.

and. yeah. considering raising the price to two dollars. not sure.

if anyone other than celby and i care, or have ideas, or want to help at all. just. comment away. you know.
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