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I'm here 
10:38am 22/08/2005
mood: first day of classes

I know I'm long overdue to shed some praise unto you folks, but here it is:

PRAISE!  There you go.

lucky number 7 
11:29pm 28/04/2005

let's get our asses in gear for this one. now that dd is almost out of the way, i am hoping we can produce a zine within a couple of weeks. we need some meaty articles for all of our lovely, carnivorous readers. i will write one about summer and celby will write one about afi.... any other takers?
impending disaster 
10:27am 13/03/2005
  okay. so here's the deal. elise and i have been having some problems with getting organized.
hopefully it will be out at the end of next week. it depends on tests/deadwood dick.
ugh. this is annoying. stupid life.
07:15pm 08/03/2005
mood: accomplished
hey, everyone!
check out my sample journal for a tentitive new layout for the community. cute no? not quite finished. jaycub, i know you are good at this stuff, if you have any cool overrides let me know. yay.
12:00pm 24/02/2005
mood: anxious
okay. so it's obvious the zine isn't going to be out by the end of february. we have been slacking because..

elise has been sick
i have been sick
i'm in colorado
i'm out of honey nut cheerios.

while i've been up here though i've been working on a cover.

click this shitCollapse )

so besides that... what i'm thinking for this is...

jenny cuts her post about love won out
jaycub writes about the protest
celby writes about rock roots
elise writes about cruiserweight
the last starfighter
taylor poem
quin poem
i know elsa had something
and i think that's all we have so far
oh wait
ale's rant
thomas' rant

oh baby baby! 
08:22pm 21/02/2005
mood: angry
FEB. 25TH 
08:25pm 02/02/2005
mood: apathetic
uhm. so. i want to make a layout for this community that is relentlessXcore. yeah thats right. we are a core now. or something. ignore me.

ANYWAY. about issue number 6. celby and i actually have a list of grievences about numbero 5. the main complaint was missing actual articles. it was all fluff.
so this is what we want to get rid of that was in #5 that we did not like
-interviews did not go over very well. i did not like them. i don't think readers enjoy it as much as like... a reveiw or something.
-like i said, not very solid.
celby, you have stuff to add to this list right?

this is what we want to bring back that was missing in number 5
-jenny's feminist article. i liked the black hole thing, but i felt like we were missing something. and that something was the forcefulness of jenny's writing. 5 wasn't forceful.
-thomas' rant. wtf dude? they used to be awesome. we can't really count on thomas for rants though, so i think we need to find someone that is just as angry and that we can count on to get the job done. i miss the anger/agression. al wrote a rant about politics, which is good but more humorous (in a weird colombian way) than it is angry.

and finally.... ideas for number 6.
+featured band - this is our idea to replace interveiws. think we will do the last star fighter. we want to keep it to local bands, and people know and love tlsf.
+featured artist - someone that contributes all the time and is generally awesome. our idea is taylor. stick in some of his work and a picture of his beautiful face.
+valentines day article. i will write it.
+protest.... something.
+being awesome.

celby. add to this.

and. yeah. considering raising the price to two dollars. not sure.

if anyone other than celby and i care, or have ideas, or want to help at all. just. comment away. you know.
10:24pm 05/12/2004
mood: hopeful
i gots me the following items

my rockett queen article
liz's punk article
thomas' rant
ale's rant
sunnie's photo
beth's poem
quin's poem
jenny's love article
taylor's poem's
what's in our stereo
things we love

elise and i are working on

rico goes christmas shopping
pierre the iguana rocks out
for serious 
09:18pm 29/11/2004
mood: drained
elise and i are interviewing dover drive at their show this weekend.

release date is going to be on december 10.

let's stop fucking around.

get your shit in.
i should be doing homework but.... 
09:33pm 09/11/2004
mood: thirsty
its okay jenny! we have been majorly slacking on this issue.

so im thinking in this issue:
-just doverdrive reveiw (could ask about interveiw) and save thelaststarfigher for the next one.
-bush article
and those can be the "big articles"

i was thinking we could have consistant monthly:
-rants by angry thomas
-long cd reveiew
-fashion trend thing!! ricco sauve? (i've wanted this since the beginning but have been too lazy to get it together... involves taking pictures)

any comments... ideas... anything?

12:34pm 17/10/2004
  there are totally 4 people in this community.

mutha fuckas.

issue #4.
dover drive? yes yes.
check it 
12:31am 26/09/2004
  yo yo bitches.

i feel professional making the first post of any importance in this community that no one has joined, but, i need suggestions.
how to incorporate more music into our zine with any real interviews and without making a million music reveiws.
08:51pm 13/09/2004
the layout is in progress. bear with me.

<3 celby